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Pain-free, stress-free dog teeth cleaning from our Driffield salon

The importance of canine dental hygiene

Plaque, tartar, tooth decay and sore gums aren’t fun for your dog. But unfortauntely it’s all too common, with 85% of dogs showing signs of dental disease by the age of 3. Most owners simply don’t realise that their dog’s teeth require regular cleaning to prevent this painful condition.

Aside from its unpleasant appearance, dogs can experience uncomfortable symptoms including:

  • Sore mouth and gums
  • Difficulty eating
  • Dribbling
  • Tooth loss
  • Bad breath

But there is an easy and affordable way to prevent and treat dental problems without resorting to a visit to the vet!

Introducing Emmi-Pet Ultrasonic dog teeth cleaning, available from Wagtails of The Wolds

This silent, non-vibrating dog teeth cleaning technology provides a stress-free solution for dental issues in dogs, and can be incorporated into your pet’s grooming package as required.

From puppies to elders, all dogs – even the most nervous and reactive dogs – are able to receive Emmi-Pet ultrasonic dog teeth cleaning.

It is also a fantastic alternative to veterinary dental treatment, which typically involves harsh mechanical brushing and requires sedation. This is not only costly but also carries additional risk that ultrasonic methods avoid.

So if you’re looking for:

  • No-stress, no-pain teeth cleaning for your dog
  • A cheaper and safer alternative to visiting the vet
  • Improved dental health through safe removal of plaque and tartar build-up

– then our teeth cleaning services with Emmi-Pet are just the ticket!

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Amazing teeth cleaning results with Emmi-Pet

Check out the transformations possible with this revolutionary treatment available from Wagtails of The Wolds in Driffield

From our Driffield salon, our experienced groomers are able to gently and quietly remove plaque and tartar build-up either over a series of sessions or a one-off clean for mild plaque, to ensure a significant improvement in your dog’s dental health.

Check out the results for yourself! Our doggy clients are more than happy to get their teeth cleaned with us, so why not add a teeth clean to your dog’s next groom?

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