Dog Grooming with Wagtails of The Wolds – Frequently Asked Questions

Have a burning question? Check out our FAQs below and see if we’ve beaten you to it!

How do I sign up my dog with Wagtails of The Wolds?

For every new client joining of the Wagtails of The Wolds, we conduct a detailed consultation process welcoming the client and their dog to the pack! We take your details as well as detail of your dog including age, breed, temperament, health niggles, etc. We also go through a disclaimer form and establish with you how you would like your dog to look with each groom they have with us. That’s a full nose to tail assessment! Do you want round ears or square, tail shaped like a flag or a carrot, coat length over the body – that sort of thing! We will even get the clippers out and do a patch test on the dog to establish which length you prefer and this also sets your expectations so you don’t get hugely surprised when you collect your dog after its first groom with us!

To get signed up please call 07980 713821 or email us on [email protected].

Is there free parking near the salon?

We have free parking available for all of our grooming clients next to our salon.

What are your salon opening hours?

We are open 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday.

Do you offer payment plans for dog grooming?

Yes! We offer regular monthly payment plans to spread the cost of your dog’s grooming requirements over the year.

How often should my dog be groomed?

How long is a piece of string? It depends on the breed of your dog and your grooming regimen at home. Call into the salon to find out more about grooming schedules for different breeds.

Do I need to brush my dog in between grooms?

Ten minutes a day keeps the mats away! Yes you should be brushing your dog regularly and daily is best. This not only maintains a much healthier coat but also means that your dog is used to being brushed which is great news come grooming time.

What do I do if my dog doesn’t like being brushed?

It’s all about exposure. Your dog may not initially enjoy a brush. It is a sensation that can take some time to acclimatise to. So it’s important to start slowly, gently and just for a minute or two to start with. This will help desensitise your dog to the feeling of being brushed. Get in touch and we can share our hints and tips with you!

How do I stop my dog from developing mats?

Brush, brush and brush some more! 10 minutes a day is all that is required to keep mats at bay. Ensure that you’re getting down to skin level with your grooming brush as mats have a sneaky habit of hiding next to the skin and may be missed with a cursory run over of the brush.

Also, after your dog has had a bath or gotten wet on their adventures try patting them down rather than rubbing the coat. This can introduce knots and tangles that can build into mats if left unchecked.

Can you keep hold of my dog after its groom?

If you’ve let us know in advance that you need us to keep hold of your dog for a little while after its groom we can facilitate it. We need good warning because every effort has been made when booking appointments to consider the dogs’ personalities that are visiting us on any given day. If we have a reactive dog with us that isn’t good with other dogs we would need to ensure we have adequate space in the salon. Please call us in advance of your grooming appointment to see whether it is possible.

How do I treat my dog’s sensitive skin?

We have found in our own experience that a high-quality diet (often removing chicken from the diet) and using high quality shampoos help to reduce sensitive skin issues. Always speak with a vet for medical checks as well.

How do I stop my dog from getting ear infections?

As groomers we are asked this a lot! Some breeds are prone to ear infections due to their physiology. In such cases it’s important to keep hair short around the ears and keep inside of their ears hair-free. If the ears have signs of redness, swelling or if they are giving off a scent there may have an ear infection. In these cases a visit to your vet will be required.

Why does my dog shed so much and how can I stop it?

Shedding is a natural part of a dog’s coat cycle; the shedding gets rid of the old hair whilst new hair is growing. Many dogs grow thicker coats in the colder months and start to shed in the warmer months – this helps the dog to regulate its body temperature. One way to help keep on top of the shedding hair is to have it groomed regularly with one of our de-shedding treatments. This will help keep the shedding hair at bay and help to leave your home less hairy. But please be aware, there is no way to STOP the coat from shedding – the de-shedding treatments help keep on top of it, but it will never stop it permanently as it is a natural process.

My dog can be aggressive, can you still groom it?

Of course, but we need to be pre-warned of any aggressive tendencies and if it has bitten anyone in the past. We also need to know if it is likely to be aggressive with other dogs. We have a responsibility for the safety of all of our clients’ dogs so managing the salon during an aggressive dog’s groom is necessary. We may need to muzzle an overtly aggressive dog to prevent injury to our staff. Grooming an aggressive dog can also take longer and require more than one groomer so this is naturally reflected in the cost of the groom.

What payments do you accept for dog grooming appointments?

We accept cash and card payments in the salon (excluding Amex), or monthly Direct Debit if you’ve signed up for our payment plan option.

What do I do if I need to cancel my appointment?

Please call us on 07980713821 a minimum of two business days BEFORE the appointment.

We have a lot of clients who are looking for appointments with us so missed appointments could go to somebody on our cancellation list who has been waiting for an appointment.

Can I stay and watch my dog being groomed?

Sadly, due to ongoing COVID concerns this is not an option – we have a salon with a minimum of three members of staff in at any time so there will always be enough support to help with a dog who needs that extra bit of assistance. We have also found that dogs are more relaxed when their owner is not with them – we believe it is because often they feel they need to “protect” their owner and therefore will struggle to get near their owner if they are present during the groom.

If my dog is old can it still be groomed?

Yes of course. We are experts in caring for elderly dogs and have adapted our services to cater for their increased fragility and potential medical issues.

I have a new puppy. When can it be groomed?

Once your puppy has had its second set of vaccinations they’re ready to come join the pack! We have a puppy package designed to introduce your dog to the grooming process. Check it out here

How long will it take to groom my dog?

Different dog have different grooming requirements – based on breed, condition, age, how compliant they are, temperament, health issues and of course, wriggly-ness! All of these factors affect the length of a groom. We figure all this out when we have our initial onboarding consultation.

How should I prepare for my dog’s grooming appointment?

Make sure your dog is in “normal” condition when coming into the salon. This typically means clean and dry.  If your dog is super mucky we will need to include an Emergency Spruce Up with their groom so please let us know in advance if this is the case.

Also, make sure they have been toileted before the appointment, and preferably had a brush over in the 24 hours previous to attending. Please be mindful that if you dog has fleas we would request this issue is resolved before attending the salon.

What do I do if I’m not happy with the groom my dog receives?

Please communicate this with us directly at the salon when you collect your dog. We have an “honesty policy” where we ask you to check over your dog before you take them home and if you are not happy with something let us know and we will fix this for you – this enables us to fix any styling before you go home. After all we are only human and we always do our best for our clients, but our bodies can move in restrictive ways and dogs with four legs are much more flexible than us so there may be a strand of hair that’s out of place! But we are happy to make it better for you – we just need you to let us know.

What happens if my dog becomes ill in your care?

We will call you immediately, and if necessary will transport your dog to a local vet.

Will you groom my dog if she is in season?

Yes, but please give us advanced warning. She will be more interesting to the male dogs we may have in the salon so her appointment may need to be rearranged to make sure she can have a groom in peace.

Will you feed and water my dog when it’s with you?

Fresh water is always available at our salon. If you need us to feed your dog while they’re with us please provide us with the food and instructions on how much and when.

Will you groom my dog if it has fleas?

We ask our clients not to bring their dog to our salon if they have fleas or ticks. This is because we have to disinfect and treat the entire salon which is costly, time consuming and we don’t want to expose other dogs to fleas. However, if the fleas are only discovered during a groom and you regularly treat your dog for fleas, we will still groom them. However, you may be liable for the cost of the clean down required afterwards.

Could you use a vet-prescribed shampoo on my dog instead of your products?

Yes, please advise on the usage instructions. We will follow your stipulations which we will record on our systems for audit purposes.