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Why choose Wagtails of The Wolds for your dog grooming needs?

For us at Wagtails of The Wolds, dogs are life. That means that our grooms are more than a simple bath, brush and clip.

Yes, we make your dog look their best, but more than that – we really care. So each groom includes a nose to tail fingertip survey to make sure all is as it should be. After all, we are a holistic grooming company and your dog’s health is the most important thing to us.

So it’s no surprise that with our outstanding grooming standards using the best premium organic products on the market, Wagtails of The Wolds is the first choice among discerning dog owners for grooming in Driffield, Beverly, Malton and surrounding villages.

Our modern, top-spec salon is centrally located in Driffield and is situated within a beautiful ¾ acre garden that provides a wonderfully relaxing ambience for our doggy visitors. And we are always well-staffed, with up to five experienced groomers on site each day – so you know that your dog will receive the best in grooming, cuddles and attention from our little pack of dog-lovers!

Want to see what they do? Check out our gallery page to judge the results for yourself.

The Wagtails of The Wolds Journey – from Weybridge to Driffield

Louisa Wellington, the owner of Wagtails of The Wolds here in Driffield, didn’t always bask in the green and pleasant land of East Yorkshire! Prior to moving here in 2017, Louisa ran Wagtails of Weybridge, another premium dog grooming business serving the people of Weybridge, Surrey.

But Louisa couldn’t resist the pull of God’s Country and longed to be nearer her family who moved to Yorkshire over 18 years ago. So she brought the Wagtails brand with her to start a new dog grooming salon in Driffield so Wagtails of The Wolds could provide exceptional dog grooming for owners in the Driffield area too.

Now proudly serving the dogs of Hutton Cranswick, Kilham, Nafferton, Malton, Beverly and Driffield and beyond, Louisa and Wagtails of The Wolds have become as much a part of local life as Philip Larkin and the Humber Bridge! Clients also travel from as far afield as Liverpool, Harrogate and London to achieve that special standard of groom that Wagtails of The Wolds offers.

If you haven’t yet, pop into the dog grooming salon at 66 Manorfield Road, Driffield, YO25 5JE to meet her and her incredible team and share a cuppa and some dog-related patter!

Louisa Wellington - Driffield’s top provider of luxury dog grooming since 2017

The Wagtails of The Wolds name has been synonymous with quality and luxury in dog grooming for a number of years, and it is a standard set by Louisa herself.  As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, Louisa together with her band of experienced dog groomers in Driffield really do their utmost for the dogs in their charge. That means never settling for second best and always going above and beyond for clients and their dogs.

As an avid dog-lover, Louisa’s life and direction was always shaped by the many dogs she had the joy of knowing. From Tina the rescue Doberman to Zippi the miniature Yorkshire Terrier, Louisa always knew that dogs would be in her professional future. Nowadays, Louisa is the proud owner of Boot the Yorkie, and Barney the Cavapoo and her love for dogs is as strong as ever.

But it’s not just about grooming for Louisa. If you can’t find her at the Wagtails of The Wolds salon you’ll likely find her pounding the footpaths and bridleways around The Wolds as she is a keen long-distance runner and loves nothing more than exercise under the big Yorkshire sky.

Why natural and organic is best for your dog

At Wagtails of The Wolds, we pride ourselves on providing grooming care for your dog that not only looks amazing, but also complements their natural skin health and promotes their overall wellbeing with the best in naturally derived grooming products.

And it is Barney the Cavapoo who was the unsuspecting inspiration for the Wagtails of The Wolds ethos of using all-natural products and holistic healthcare for dogs. This is because he has suffered with skin issues since he was a pup.

Canine allergies and skin complaints are becoming increasingly common and in Barney’s case the vet couldn’t identify what was causing his skin problems. Faced with the option of long-term steroids to manage his issues (which have some serious side effects), Louisa instead decided to study how canine allergies could be controlled naturally. She discovered that through dietary changes and the use of natural, organic products for his grooms, Barney’s problems were vastly reduced.

Louisa’s success in managing Barney’s allergies has directly shaped the Wagtails of The Wolds ethos which promotes a fully organic and all natural product range. Check out our products page to find out more about the amazing brands we trust with your dog’s health, and ours too.