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Luxury dog grooming services for discerning dogs and their humans in Driffield, East Yorkshire.

I’ll never go anywhere else, it’s a great experience

My boy came back with a bounce in his step, smelling and looking gorgeous

I absolutely love what this groomer is about

Welcome to the world of Wagtails of The Wolds!

At Wagtails of The Wolds, we like to think of ourselves as more than just a dog grooming business.
Instead we are friends and confidantes of hundreds of Driffield doggos and their humans.
We are a part of their story and they are a part of ours. We are that extra pair of eyes on your pet’s health and wellbeing. We are there for you and your dog from their puppy days all the way through to their final goodbyes.

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The premium choice for luxury dog grooming in Driffield and surrounding areas

Our groomers are hugely experienced. We have breed specialists on our staff who deliver exceptional standards of grooming every day. We are proud providers of luxury spa grooming services to truly treat the dogs of Driffield and surrounding towns and villages.

And our clients love us.

Do you have a furry prince or princess at home where only the best will do? We get it. So do we. And we believe that all dogs deserve the kindest, gentlest and most relaxing grooming experience available, which is why Wagtails of The Wolds focuses on luxury care from wet nose to wagging tail!

We deliver customised grooming packages for dogs big and small – guaranteed to be perfect for your best friend.

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Grooming services with a focus on natural, organic products

We are not like all dog groomers. We won’t be for everyone, and that’s okay.

We are here to work for dog owners who value the benefit of using the best, naturally sourced organic grooming products to promote their dog’s overall health and wellbeing.  Because it’s not just about looking good.

So if you want your Poodle come out of a groom in shades of pink and purple and smelling of bubble gum, then we’re not for you. However, if you want your dog’s groom to be as gentle on their skin as possible to maintain their skin and coat health, then that’s another story!

We use only the best naturally-sourced, organic grooming products which are kind to sensitive canine skin. But which thankfully also smell incredible! Coupled with some very special spa treatments available in the salon, your dog can enjoy luxury pampering and you’ll know the products used are the gentlest around for dog’s skin and coat.

Check out the range of premium products in use at our Driffield dog grooming salon below.

Our transformations are incredible!

We love to show off our grooming transformations on our social media channels, but here is a sneak peak of some of the wonderful dogs transformed by our exceptional grooming team at Wagtails of The Wolds in Driffield.

For more amazing transformations, visit our Facebook page, or click on the gallery button below for a selection of testimonials and more wonderful grooming results.

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Before; Alfie

After; Alfie


Bath time

Ta da – end of full body clip and scissor groom

End Result

Go VIP and spread the cost of your dog’s grooms

As a dog owner, we have many responsibilities. Keeping on top of flea and worming treatments, vaccination boosters, choosing the best food to keep your dog in tip-top condition, walkies, walkies, walkies, and of course – regular grooming.

Many of our clients enjoy the VIP experience with Wagtails of The Wolds, to make the grooming part of things that little bit easier to manage.