Treat your dog to a luxurious grooming experience with Wagtails of The Wolds in Driffield

Treat your dog to a luxurious grooming experience with Wagtails of The Wolds in Driffield

With our in-depth initial consultation for new clients at our Driffield dog grooming salon, we guarantee that the groom we provide will be perfect for your dog’s character, coat and quirks! We have a number of grooming packages which are each customised to your pet – from a simple tidy-up to an all-out spa experience.
Which one will you choose today?

Essentials Dog Grooming Package

Bath, blow dry, brush out and style

This is our standard dog grooming package and gives you everything you need to keep your dog’s coat healthy, vibrant and looking amazing.You can add extras or spa treatments on to complement this dog grooming package or keep it simple. Either way, your dog will come out of the salon looking and feel tip-top!

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Essentials Dog Grooming Package

Spa Dog Grooming Package

Serious luxury grooming for your dog

Our Spa package includes all of the services you’d enjoy with the Essentials package, but with some extra special add-ons to ensure that your dog gets 5* VIP treatment from nose to tail, and back again!

If you book our Spa Dog Grooming package, your dog will receive bath, blow-dry, brush out and style to your requirements, PLUS

ENT once-over – ears, nails and teeth cleaning with a standard toothbrush – or you can upgrade the ENT experience with ultrasonic teeth cleaning with Emmi-Pet to promote your dog’s oral health!
Mud Bath and Massage – for healthier skin, a lustrous coat and soothed joints and muscles
Paw and nose balm – for super-soft soft bits!
AND any specialised treatments your dog may require to tackle issues such as flaky or itchy skin, smelly coat, etc.

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Interim Dog Grooming Package

When all they need is a trim and tidy up – face, bottom and feet

Sometimes your dog doesn’t need a full groom – so we offer our Spruce Up package just to keep those wayward tresses in check in between grooms!

So if all they need is a bath, blow dry and brush our with a feet, face and bottom trim, book in with our Driffield salon keep your dog neat and tidy until their next proper groom.

Don’t want or need the bath? No worries! We can streamline the Interim Dog Grooming Package to your requirements, just ask when booking.

Interim Dog Grooming Package

Emergency Spruce Up!

Bath and blow dry – our solution for smelly roll-arounds and accidents

For those unfortunate times when your dog rolls in something unmentionableor otherwise gets themselves a little bit…. mucky, our Emergency Spruce up dog grooming package is a quick solution.

So for any nasty stains, smells or general filthiness, allow Wagtails of The Wolds to scrub and lather and blast the grubbiness away, and in no time your dog will be back to their fragrant best.

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black labrador with soap suds on his head

Back to Basics – De-matting Package

Shave-off, bath and blow dry – the welfare groom

Sometimes a dog’s coat needs rescuing. Seemingly beautiful coats can hide all manner of knots and tangles and occasionally those niggles can turn into mats of fur that no amount of gentle teasing will undo.

Matted fur is the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria and, if left unchecked, mats can cause skin sores, blisters and infections that sometimes require a costly visit to the vet’s to treat.

But mats can be really tricky to spot, so even the most diligent of dog owners can be completely unaware of what is going on under the surface.

This grooming package is here to get rid of those difficult mats and get your dog’s skin and coat health back to a great starting point.

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Dog Dematting

Just for pups! Puppy grooming package

Get your new arrival used to the sights, smells, sounds and sensations of the dog grooming salon with our four-part puppy package

Suitable for puppies between 12 weeks and 6 months old, this groom and socialisation package is designed to gently familiarise your pup to the realities of the grooming experience.

With an appointment every two weeks, there are four sessions which allow your puppy to get used to being groomed with gradual, gentle exposure, without causing overwhelm or anxiety that can often carry through into adulthood.

You’ll also receive a grooming checklist which includes details of what activities we’ve done with your dog, and some homework to ensure that we see positive progress between each session. And at the end of the four grooms your pup will receive a Puppy Certificate!

Visit 1 – Sniff and socialise!

A purely educational first visit to the grooming salon, your pup will be introduced to the staff and setting, as well as some gentle handling by our groomers to get them used to us.

Visit 2 – Bath and blow dry!

It’s time to get wet. Your pup will receive lovely warm and relaxing bath, followed by a blow dry with our gentle dryers. This familiarises your pup not only with the sensation of being wet (especially around the face and ears) but also of our equipment.

Visit 3 – Time for a trim!

We give your pup another bath, and this time we add a brush and trim. These new sensations will be introduced gently so your pup isn’t overwhelmed. An added bonus is they’ll look as neat as a pin by the end of the groom!

Visit 4 – The Full Monty!

We bring it all together in the final session of the Puppy Package as well as adding in a few new experiences. This session involves a bath, blow dry, brush, face trim and ear clean, as well as a coat tidy if it’s needed. By now your pup should easily tolerate the full range of grooming sensations and now they’re ready to move onto adult grooming packages. Well done Pup!

Just for pups

Have an older dog?

We also provide special grooming services at our Driffield salon for older dogs who may not be able to tolerate our full grooms.

Also, when the time comes, we offer End of Life grooms, so your beloved pet can enjoy one last pamper with our wonderful groomers. We provide grooming services for all stages of your pet’s life, and we are honoured to be there for you and your dog when it’s time for them to go over the Rainbow Bridge.

To find out more about what Wagtails of The Wolds can do for your special older dog, get in touch with us.

Older Dog