Customise your dog’s groom with our fantastic selection of spa treatments and additional services

Available as stand-alone treatments or add-ons to your dog’s grooming package, our selection of dog spa extras is our way of ensuring that our grooming service is just perfect for your pooch!

Dog Nail Trimming

It’s important to keep your dog’s nails in good condition. Not all dogs’ nails will be naturally kept short through wear from walking. Nails that overgrow can curl inward and cause pain, and make walking difficult. It is important to regularly trim your dog’s nails to prevent the quick from growing too deeply into the nail. This can affect their comfort on walks.

So to prevent sores, infection and pain in your dog, opt for regular nail trims at our Driffield salon.

Check out the feedback from one of our recent clients who discovered the difference well-clipped nails made to her dog, Toffee:

I am over the moon with Toffee! Just been for a walk with along the canal and she normally trots everywhere and has been galloping flat out acting like a puppy so can only assume she likes her new feet!… Vet said it was arthritis and not being walked for 6 years but she’s just proved him wrong! Thank you!

If you want to book a stand-alone nail trim or incorporate it into your dog’s next groom, please get in touch today!

Salon Dog Clipping

ENT – ear, nail and teeth clean!

This popular add-on is a great addition to your dog’s groom. We thoroughly and gently clean their ears inside and out, as well as pluck any hairs that might cause them discomfort or irritation. This helps to ensure that your dog doesn’t develop ear infections or mites, which can be painful. We also trim their nails and give their teeth a thorough brush with a standard doggy toothbrush and meaty flavoured toothpaste!

Want to book in or discuss adding it to your dog’s next groom?

Dogs ENT – ear-nail and teeth clean

Nose and paw balm dog spa treatment

This dog spa treatment is designed to soothe, protect and moisurise your dog’s nose and paws. Our organic nose and paw balm with aloe vera, shea butter and Vitamin E gently revives dry, cracked or calloused skin with its moisturising properties. Naturally derived, our balm is the perfect salve for your dog’s paws, pads, noses and elbows.

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Nose and paw balm dog spa treatment

Blueberry facial dog spa treatment

A Blueberry Facial is a perfect way to help relax your dog and leave their muzzle smelling fresh and clean. This hypoallergenic treatment made with blueberries and other natural ingredients helps remove tear stains, and exfoliates, hydrates and brightens up their coat.

This treatment can be used as an all over body wash as well as a facial, and is applied by a relaxing slow body massage. Suitable for all breeds and colours of coat, and wonderful for puppies through to ageing dogs who deserve a pampering.

Know a dog that needs this in their life?

black labrador with soap suds on his head

Mud baths and massage dog spa treatments

At our Driffield dog grooming salon we offer a range of mud bath massage treatments for your dog. So if you your dog would benefit from:

  • Soothing their tired limbs
  • Easing their aching muscles
  • Relieving their pains from arthritis, or
  • Calming their irritated skin

– then a mud bath massage treatment is just what the doctor ordered! We offer a variety of all-natural mud bath treatments which gently cleanse your dog’s skin and coat, all delivered through a gentle and relaxing full body massage for a true dog spa experience. Our dogs melt before our very eyes in relaxation and bliss with these mud treatments, so why not treat your best friend today?

Mobility Mud dog spa treatment – for arthritis, aches and pains

This massage treatment with menthol and peppermint uses cold therapy to ease aches and pains, instantly stop skin irritation and promote healthy circulation. Mobility Mud is a stimulating and energising treatment designed to target the discomfort associated with arthritis and leaves your dog’s skin feeling cool, refreshed and rejuvenated.

De-shedding Mud dog spa treatment – for dry skin and excessive shedding

Healthy skin begets a beautiful coat! For dogs with dry skin, excessive shedding can often result. This massage treatment cleanses clogged hair follicles, removes loose fur and helps release undercoat, all while super-hydrating your dog’s skin with its combination of vitamins and oils suspended in enriching hypoallergenic clay.

Green Mud dog spa treatment – for tired skin and weakened immune systems

This treatment with natural seaweed packed full of antioxidants, minerals and lipids strengthens your dog’s skin to better protect it against the elements, pollution and allergens. This luxuriously rich creamy formulation absorbs smells and impurities whilst deeply detoxifying and nourishing your dog’s skin to give them a fortifying boost to their natural immunity.

To find out more about our Mud treatments or to book an appointment, get in touch with our Driffield salon below.

Vivid deep coat conditioning dog spa treatment

Tangles? Brittleness? Scruffy dog syndrome? If your dog’s coat management is causing you a headache, then our deep conditioning spa treatment can help.

This relaxing conditioning treatment contains shea butter, oatmeal and aloe to detangle and revive scruffy coats, and leaves them feeling soft and smelling wonderful with a touch of vanilla and almond.

If your dog could benefit from this treatment, get in touch with our Driffield salon below to book or find out more.