Luxury dog care begins with the best products

Earthbath dog grooming products for a luxurious grooming experience and the utmost care for your dog

We use Earthbath products for all our standard grooms. Produced cruelty-free, Earthbath only uses organic, natural ingredients in its shampoos and conditioners, with no parabens, sulphates or artificial colours.

We use a wide selection of Earthbath products at our Driffield dog grooming salon, each with distinctive formulations so you can be sure that whatever their skin stress or coat conundrum, one will be perfect for your dog.

These products are not available to purchase from our salon, but are instead what we use for our grooms. Find out more in the product descriptions below to get an idea of the wonderful treatments your dog will receive when you book a groom with Wagtails of The Wolds in Driffield.

Edgard Cooper Dog Food
Earthbath Puppy Shampoo

This mild and gentle formulation is naturally tearless and pH-balanced for your puppy’s soft, new skin. It contains aloe vera and a smidge of natural cherry essence to leave their coat with a brilliant shine, a gentle scent and as soft as a feather.

Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner

For itchy and scratchy dogs, this combination and shampoo and conditioner is recommended by vets to help ease skin irritation caused by environmental allergens and pollution. Oatmeal and aloe soothes itches, promotes healing and rehydrates dry sensitive skin. And it’s soap free and pH-balanced to helps to clean and deodorise your dog’s coat safely.

Earthbath Eucalyptus and Peppermint Shampoo

Irritated by fleas or insect bites? Dermatits causing irritation that no scratch can itch? This soothing and cooling combination of natural ingredients can help alleviate irritation and return your dog to its best whilst cleansing and softening their coat.

Earthbath Hypoallergenic Shampoo

For the most sensitive of skin, this shampoo is the kindest and gentlest solution available to effectively groom your dog without irritation. Naturally fragrance-free, this shampoo is ideal for dogs with allergies and skin sensitivities so they too can enjoy a luxurious grooming experience with us.

Earthbath Mediterranean Magic Treatment

Dull, tired looking coat? Your dog smelling a little too…doggy? No longer! This coat brightening and deodorising treatment containing natural rosemary, mango essence and aloe vera will leave your dog’s coat bright and glossy and smelling divine. Included in our standard dog grooming packages.

Earthbath Dirty Dog Orange Oil Treatment

Formulated for dogs in need of a serious freshen up, this amazing treatment contains d’Limonene essence, a natural deodorising, degreasing and stain-removing ingredient which also helps to calm and relieve sensitive and itchy skin. For a brighter and softer coat with a treatment that is hardy enough to clear out even the most stubborn smells and stains, Dirty Dog Orange Oil is the perfect addition to your dog’s groom. And smells beautiful to boot!

Edgar Cooper Dog Food – available in our salon!

We believe that a healthy dog starts from within. That’s why we proudly stock Edgar Cooper dog food products in our Driffield salon so that our clients’ dogs can benefit from a healthy and balanced canine diet without excess additives, flavours or preservatives.

At Edgar Cooper they keep things simple: that means dog food naturally full of flavour and perfect for your dog. High in fresh meat and without dried or overprocessed meat meal, Edgar Cooper is full of natural antioxidants and nutrients and is much gentler on sensitive stomachs.

Louisa’s dog Barney has had a number of health issues in his little life – among them skin sensitivities and irritation. By switching his diet to Edgar Cooper, Barney’s skin has never been so healthy! We practise what we preach at Wagtails of The Wolds and would never promote any food range that we hadn’t tried first on our own pets.

Pop into our Driffield salon to see what we have available and perhaps pick up a sample for some enjoyable doggy taste testing!

Edgard Cooper Dog Food
Edgard-Cooper Lam and Beef