Puppies & Elders


We welcome puppies to our salon and recommend introducing them to the world of grooming by visiting us for several puppy groom experiences, starting from the age of 12 weeks, or after they have been fully vaccinated, before a full body groom.

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This method helps get the puppies used to the noises of the bath, the dryers, and the equipment (clippers and scissors) because they are still experiencing “life” in general, so the salon environment is just another new part of their learning curve. They take the grooming and the salon in their stride and start to enjoy the experience, often seeing it as play time and fun time as we groomers love fussing and giving the odd kiss and cuddle.

To book your puppy an appointment email us at  [email protected]

Elderly dogs

As dog owners, we all know that our dogs are our best friends, they are the perfect companions ever, sharing our most wonderful and toughest times in our lives, they grow with us as we both grow up and older.

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Grooming is still an important part for older dogs, their skin changes as they get into those later years and their coats often get thinner and sometimes a bit flaky and scabby.

Grooming elder dogs is a huge part of Wagtails of The Wolds; we spend time with the individual dog and work within their mobility constraints or their likes and dislikes, making the whole experience a relaxing and gentle one, leaving them feel rejuvenated and feeling wonderful again.

We have special treatments to help energize and aid aching joints and muscles which also cleans the skin pores.

My very own Yorkshire Terrier (aged 9) loves this treatment, and the effects are instant in how her skin and coat feels; she goes back to being like a puppy once again.

For more information on our grooming services and treatments for your elders call 07980 713821

De-matting Service

We see a lot of breeds who have long, and or curly, coats; cockapoos, cavapoos, shih tzu’s, Lhasa’s, poodles, shihpoos, bichons, maltese, the list goes on. These coats are high maintenance and challenging to keep mat-free.

To keep these coats long and fluffy they need to be brushed at home daily “a ten-minute brush a day keeps the mats at bay” however, we appreciate that life is busy and is not always realistic to stick to this schedule.

One of our most popular grooms Wagtails of The Wolds provide is a de-matting groom where the coat has become deeply matted in specific body parts, usually they form under the arms, on the legs, behind the ears, under the tummy, around the neck area where collars lay and on the chest where harnesses sit.

These mats become too thick and dense making it impossible to brush out as it pulls on the skin and hurts the dog. In these cases, the mats must be shaved out for the welfare of the dog.

To remove mats that are close to the skin this requires special de-matting tools, experience, and expertise, and usually two groomers.

For more information and advice on how we can help call 07980 713821