Nail clipping

Nail clipping & ENT package

Nail trimming is an important part of a dog’s health and hygiene. Keeping nails trimmed regularly helps to keep the quick short (the fleshy part of the nail which have nerves and a vein), enabling the actual nail to be trimmed.

If the nails become too long it can cause discomfort to the dog when they walk, the nails can grow in a curved direction sideways and can grow into the actual paw pad – making it extremely difficult to trim back once the nail is embedded in the pad.

Nail trimming can be a difficult part of the grooming process as a lot of dogs are overly sensitive around their feet, especially their front feet.

Wagtails of The Wolds provide this service with a groom or as in individual service.

Nail trims start from £6 – walk in appointments welcome.

For more information call us on 07980 713821 or email us on [email protected]

Ears, Nails and Teeth (ENT package)

We get close with dogs when we are grooming them, we often come across dogs who show signs of early ear infections which is quite common in breeds who have floppy ears.

We offer an ENT package which includes an ear clean, nails trim and teeth brushed (using a normal dog toothbrush, excluding our ultrasound emmi-pet teeth cleaning service).

Our ENT package is £12 which can be added on to a groom or as a separate treatment.

If this sounds of interest for your dog or you would like further information call us today on 07980 713821