Meet the team

Here at Wagtails of The Wolds we are a very friendly, dependable, and diligent team who are committed to providing the highest quality of service to you and you dog.


Hannah has been with us for the past three years; she is part of the family and the furniture. Hannah plays a huge role in the business, with a wealth of experience of growing up with her own dogs (retired greyhounds) and working with dogs she is an expert in what she does.

Hannah also works with a pack of blood hounds; each morning (6am) she is found feeding and cleaning out kennels for 40+ hounds all before she starts work with us at Wagtails. Hannah also volunteers and walks two German Shepherd dogs most evenings after work (10pm). You can safely


Bobbi-lea is our newest member of the team, who joined us as an Apprentice in September. Already, Bobbi-lea has become an integral part of our family at Wagtails. She is a dog lover and can often be found singing and cuddling our Wagtails salon dogs. Bobbi-lea is fast learning how to bathe, dry and brush out all breeds of dogs. A task that is not as easy as it sounds.

Mum & Dad (Terri and David)

Mum & Dad (Terri and David) are always popping in and out of the salon, most of our clients will have met them over the years. Mum and Dad have been a huge part of Wagatils since day one and still are Mum and I were in the salon for hours together at the beginning before Hannah joined and even when Hannah first started. Without Mum and Dad Wagtails of The Wolds would not be what is it today.

Imo and Will

Imo and Will, my niece and nephew, are also regular faces in the salon, being dog lovers themselves, you will see them often pop in to say hello and even help on the odd occasion.